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Inventory & Analysis
Design Visualization
Planting Design
Collier County, Florida
Public, Commercial
145 Acres
(phases 1a, 1b, 2 & 4)

Create native yard/dynamic managed plant communities.

Coordinated with the engineering team to develop appropriate native plant palettes to respond to engineered stormwater conditions across the site. These areas are designed as dynamic plantings - individual species shift around in response to growth and disturbance.

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Integrate a garden experience within a sports-focused regional park.

Worked with a national design team (Populus, Davidson Engineering, Peninsula, Parker Mudgett Smith Architect) to strategize how to incorporate thoughtful planting into a heavily-programmed site design.

CVD designed the planting throughout, specified and sourced quality specimen materials and oversaw construction.

Trial species from the greater Caribbean ecoregion.

CVD collaborated with Naples Botanical Garden to incorporate and source rare Caribbean species for public installation. This collaboration added to our plant palette and gave great public exposure to under utilized South Florida and Caribbean species for our greater ecoregion.

Project Scope:

  • Inventory & Analysis
  • Planting Design  
  • Design Visualization
  • Construction Administration
  • Management Resource


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Total Acres

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staff planning
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