high school

Inventory & Analysis
Concept Design
Planting Design
2020 - 2023
Collier County, Florida
61 acres

A school within a landscape

CVD was fortunate to be selected as part of a forward-thinking design team with Zyscovich Architects and Davidson Engineering to create a campus for this new STEM-focused high school.

The design team developed a vision for an architecture which felt integrated into the landscape, rather than something separate. The building mass embraces an entry courtyard, developed by CVD as an abstracted pine rockland, with open canopy for safety and visual access.

Courtyards between the buildings open out to the surrounding landscape.

Ecosystem Education

The campus for Aubrey Rogers High School was designed to embrace nature – but not just any nature, the specific nature of this site. CVD carefully documented existing plant communities and advocated for their preservation. The proposed plantings were designed with a naturalistic feel.

CVD used native trees such as Florida Slash Pines and Gumbo Limbo in multiple heights to get a jump start on the visual evolution of the site. 

Good buffers make good neighbors

Introducing a new educational campus of this size results in a dramatic change in activity.

In the interests of being good neighbors, CVD was tasked with developing thick buffers around the site to help reduce the impacts of this development. Our team documented existing plant communities, analyzed existing coverage, and developed planting strategies to reduce the light and noise impacts of the site’s new programs.  

Project Scope:

  • Inventory & Analysis
  • Concept Design
  • Planting Design 
  • Design Visualization 
  • Construction Administration


Total Design Hours


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Total Acres

sky view sports landscaping
sky view landscaping
school building front view
view to the side of school building
lunch area
staff planning
ocean view
family picture
staff planning
ocean view
family picture

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