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Coastal Vista Design offers a wide array of design services to assist clients through the design and construction process.

Each project follows a collaborative design process to investigate the project’s parameters and possibilities, then create an actionable plan for landscape construction. Our team’s expertise in regional permitting processes and construction administration ensures that designs are both beautiful and buildable.

Our palette of services includes landscape architecture, design visualization, consulting & permitting, and construction observation.
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You will be glad you hired Coastal Vista Design for your landscape architecture needs. Their staff has all the qualities our business looks for when choosing the right company to work with: professional, informative, and knowledgeable about local regulations. PLUS, their work is the perfect blend of artful landscape design and functional experience to our customers.
Callaway Johnson
Callaway Johnson


Our team is always ready to answer your questions. Ready collaborate together?

Where do you work?

The majority of our built work is in southwest Florida and the Caribbean. However, when we have an opportunity to work with a client that’s interested in coastal adaptive landscape architecture, we occasionally take on those projects. If you you’d like to collaborate, go to work with us. Our design team will review and get back with you if the project is a good fit for our studio.

What services do you offer?

Coastal Vista Design is a landscape architect-forward studio. We work across scales, from site analysis and planning to site scale design. We collaborate frequently with teams including architects, civil engineers, and other design disciplines.

When is the right time to involve a landscape architect?

It’s never too early to get Coastal Vista Design involved. If you have a project that’s early in the planning stages, we can help connect you with the team of experts to help address your specific design challenges. Involving us early can help you capture the best opportunities of your site.

What about installation?

Coastal Vista Design provides coastal adaptive design services. We do not construct or install projects. We work with a network of contractors in our primary service area that we can recommend based on your project’s needs. We are happy to match our clients with the best contractors and installers for their projects. If you have trusted relationships, we are willing to work with your preferred contractors if their skills fit the proposed project.

Will you be involved through construction?

Construction administration is a specific set of services that we provide for select projects - see Construction Administration.

What about maintenance?

Our projects aren’t “plant it and forget it”. We expect active management for long-term success. All of our sites are designed for appropriate maintenance to achieve the project’s desired design function. If maintenance is a primary concern, we can incorporate that aspect early in the design process. We can provide management support with walkthroughs and maintenance manuals to give your landscape care team the autonomy to make on-the-fly decisions that support design intent.

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