We’re known for our beautiful and well-considered planting design.

potted plants

We design for site.

Our thoughtful inventory and analysis equips us (and the project) for success.

We design plantings that will thrive in the specific conditions of the site.

tractor with tree

We design for community.

A plant is not a piece of furniture. Plants are living beings that interact with the biome of a site, the weather, and with each other. We design plantings as symbiotic communities, rather than as individual objects.

We design for management.

We know how much work it takes to maintain well-designed landscapes. We honor that labor + embodied knowledge. We design for thoughtful management, not mow and blow, and trust the people who care for the landscapes we design.


We design for delight.

We find that plantings are only successful in the long term if humans find them attractive. For each site, we compose a palette of plants which support thriving for the inhabitants, both human and nonhuman. We use native and regionally-adapted species through our designs. We do not use invasive species.

staff planning
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staff planning
ocean view
family picture

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