About Us

Coastal Vista Design is a Sanibel-based landscape architecture studio established by Leigh Gevelinger in 2016.

Coastal landscapes are at the heart of the challenges that we face as coastal residents and landscape architects. In Florida – as in many subtropical and tropical regions of the world - development has had a significant influence on the physical environment over the past century. We recognize that we’re not operating under the same conditions as 50, 10, or even 5 years ago. Leigh saw opportunities for a transformative approach to the practice of landscape architecture.

Leigh assembled Coastal Vista to address coastal design challenges through team collaboration and engagement with industry experts.
From its founding, Coastal Vista Design has been revolutionary.
Our vision

Our studio is a space for creative work. Our team address coastal challenges with new perspectives. We kindly interrogate established ways of doing things. We constantly seek out better methods.

We live, work and give in places where humans and ecological thriving rely on water.

Our projects are directly impacted by coastal concerns ( surge / wind / tropical storms and hurricanes 🌪️🌴️ ). We observe and document impacts of coastal disturbances events as they occur - and their lasting impacts.

The time is now for coastal adaptive planning and design.

On September 28, 2022, Hurricane Ian made landfall on Cayo Costa forever altering the landscape of southwest Florida.

The Coastal Vista Design studio on Sanibel suffered 40” plus of storm surge. The CVD server was underwater. Sanibel Island was inaccessible due to the collapse of the Sanibel Lee County Causeway.

Days after Hurricane Ian, Leigh bartered her way onto a pontoon boat and put her triathlon training skills to use to retrieve the company server.

Bike overhead, she was dropped off on the beach, navigated through storm debris and downed power lines, and biked four miles to the office to survey the damage and retrieve the server backup. While the office contents were a total loss, the CVD team became stronger than ever. Through honest communication, hard work and dedication, CVD reopened the Sanibel Studio in December 2023, 15 months following Hurricane Ian.

destroyed desk
We are a team
Time is our most valuable asset
We sprint at the beginning
We don’t point fingers
If we are not sure, we’ll ask
We don’t put lipstick on pigs
We protect our culture
Clarity is kindness
We are generous
We stay scrappy

Financial Contributions

Charity Water

Florida ASLA


 FIU Student ASLA

University of Wisconsin

Friends of Florida Landscape Architecture

Captains for Clean Water

Bailey Matthews Shell Museum

Fish of Sancap

Naples Botanical Garden

Sancap Chamber of Commerce

Eugene Chamber of Commerce

meet Our team

* Office hours by appointment only
staff Leigh

Leigh Gevelinger, ASLA, PLA

Founder, Principal Landscape Architect
staff Caleb

Caleb Melchior, ASLA, PLA

Landscape Architect, Project Manager
staff Alain

Alain Carrazana

Landscape Designer
staff Rose

Rose Gilson

Landscape Designer
Staff Christina

Christina Currais

Landscape Designer
staff Gabe

Gabe Smith

Construction Site Manager
staff planning
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staff planning
ocean view
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