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Inventory & Analysis
Concept Design
Planting Design
Sanibel, Florida
2.2 Acres

Preserve existing native structure

CVD fought to preserve native florida slash pines, mahoganies, sabal palms, gumbo limbos, and strangler figs.

We coordinated with Sanibel architect Amy Nowacki to configure plazas and walks to preserve existing vegetation.

Enhance the pedestrian experience

The BIG ARTS Sanibel campus functions as part of the City of Sanibel’s public infrastructure – City Hall, Sanibel Public Library. The site is used during weekend Farmer’s Markets. It’s also highly visible to pedestrians on the Sanibel bike and pedestrian paths.

Green is a color, too

Working with Sanibel Island native species, we designed the site to showcase our native species’ incredible plant and leaf forms. Sabal palms, green and silver thatch palms, and coontie all create a dramatic tropical effect with their bold leaves.

The sculptural forms of gumbo limbo, ficus, and pine trunks create a supremely Sanibel experience against the strong white and glass masses of the buildings.

Project Scope:

  • Inventory & Analysis
  • Concept Design 
  • Detailed Material Design
  • Planting Design
  • Design Visualization
  • Construction Administration


Total Design Hours


CA Hours


Total Acres

front view of the building
staff planning
ocean view
family picture
staff planning
ocean view
family picture

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