Inventory & Analysis
Concept Design
Hardscape Design
Sanibel Island, Florida
1.3 Acres

Salty Survivors

Between the house and the water, we needed a low ground cover to stabilize the site.

Because of the proximity to the bay, sod would not be allowed ( and would die due to frequent salt inundation ).

Native groundcovers.

We looked at the island’s native groundcovers. We chose to use big swathes of sunshine mimosa (Mimosa strigillosa), golden creeper (Ernodea littoralis) and sea purslane (Sesuvium portulacastrum).

They have complementary foliage colors/textures – the mimosa a powdery grey-blue with little pompom pink flowers, the golden creeper with bright chartreusy leaves and the sea purslane to form a salt tolerant carpet along the water’s edge.

I’m flooded
and I like it.

Bayfront sites might be less prone to direct damage and salt spray than gulffront, but they’re still prone to salt inundation from overtopping and flooding.

This site is designed to withstand inundation from king tides and other storm events.

Project Scope:

  • Inventory & Analysis
  • Concept Design  
  • Detailed Material & Hardscape Design
  • Coastal Planting Design
  • Lighting Design - Dark Skies Compliant
  • Construction Administration
  • Management Resources


Total Design Hours


CA Hours


Total Acres

residential sky view
staff planning
ocean view
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staff planning
ocean view
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